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Tantra in the west

In the West, Tantric traditions were often referred to as Tantrism.
This term is a rather new word creation, which was coined by western scholars and...

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Tantra - The Hindu origin and reference

some experts even disagree whether Hindu or the Buddhist Tantra was there first, or whether both directions feed on a pagan and now buried source

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Tantra Massage: An Experience Report

In the beginning was the back pain.

A pulling, a burning sensation, sometimes like a cramp-like attack, more often simply disguised as a 'symptom of...

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Barefoot through Berlin Charlottenburg

On some days, we seem to hover above reality, staggering up and down, touching this, touching that, but nothing is compelled to move. It should be...

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What is the origin of Tantra?

The term Tantra brings together diverse, very disparate origins and orientations. They come from different religious and cultural worlds.

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Nothing new, but something wonderful!

It's happening in Berlin! Never before has the soul of a city, along with all the traditional complaints and cheers, changed so radically fast!

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