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Nothing new, but something wonderful!

It's happening in Berlin! Never before has the soul of a city, along with all the traditional complaints and cheers, changed so radically fast!

Just a few years ago, the vernacular was talking about "multi cultural," "mixed vegetable stew pot," "Gaia community," or whatever else, as if those beating words were really fundamentally innovative.

And yet, and that's a fact, at least one thing happened! And really quite something, not new, but wonderful! KASHIMA!

No doubt, many of us have probably already become acquainted, in one way or another, with tantric massage, without really knowing what to expect at first.

Encountering one's own sexuality usually sends modern Westerners into an overheated state of self-awareness and even shame. Anxiety can be involved, too; we all know this. As in the ancient phrase, who wants to be the rabbit in front of a python?

Tantric massage and one's own sexuality are two connected stories, teeming with misunderstandings. Unnecessarily!

What Tantric massage really can be, aims to be, well, anybody should find out and try to experience.

Here's an attempt for a brief illumination:
The fact that pure sexual energy (the fundamental life energy in every human life!) is considered to be essential, is still too little known and rarely taught.

Overwhelmingly common, many still assume that sexual energy simply means sex, but in Tantra, such fearful misunderstandings have been left far behind, the true value, the only valid meaning of sexuality is being extracted, and, above all, worshiped and conveyed.

When we start to consider sexual energy to be the immanent life force, it becomes also clear that it is not about others but about oneself, and oneself only.

In true Tantra, there is nothing more important than to connect with your inner self and inner strength. The connection with others can only ever be a mirror of the link with the individual self.

Tantra massage allows you to discover YOU. The masseuse and the masseur are really just some kind of cautious and skilled tour guide for the energy-journey the recipient undertakes, without determining, or interrupting, the process and need of self-driving.

The genuine, giving, enlightening touch is the key to understanding, and in this context, the creation of a safe space is essential, because only where we feel sheltered and secure, our inner self appears voluntarily.Based on non-intentional physical connection, simple yet powerful, the authentic Tantric massage allows the individual to immerse themselves deeply into their being, and set off to a journey to their soul !

This journey is made possible, organized and accompanied - by the wonderfully apt KASHIMA in Berlin!