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Pelvic Floor Massage

Hardly any area of our body is as much of a taboo subject as the anus.

The anus is a sensitive and erogenous zone. Mentally, it is often associated with injuries and aggressions and represents yielding and letting go. It is beneficial to open up this area as it holds undreamt-of capacities for sensation and pleasure.

Our pelvic floor is our physical, sexual and spiritual centre out of which our life force and energy unfolds.

We begin the rectal massage with a massage of the buttocks, which stimulates the sexual chakra situated in the coccyx. Then we move via the outer pelvic floor to the anus and finally gently enter your rectum.

We help you on this journey into the depths of your body with intensive breathing work.

The relaxing rectal massage is healing and pleasurable at the same time and can allow new experiences and transformations.

The massage is given with a fingerstall and we ask you to empty your bowels beforehand.

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