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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: D

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This tantric spirit entity refers to a female sky-walker with changeable characteristics. It is often considered peaceful, wise and kind, while it can at the same time stand for an angry and destructive figure. It is credited with supernatural abilities of boundless energy. Whether the Dakini refers to an actual historical person or always constituted a purely meditative vision remains unclear. What is certain is that a Dakini moves undeterred by space and time and her "place of residence" is the spiritual form of love. In depictions Dakini are often shown as naked, beautiful females. The iconographic Dakini does not stand for sexuality, it symbolizes nature and truth. Thus, a Dakini can be understood either as the energy of wisdom, without a physical form, or as a supernatural, female being.


Translated from Sanskrit means dazzlingly white, graceful or well-formed.