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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: M

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According to Tantric teaching, Maithuna means Holy Sexuality. At the same time, the union of man and woman is a kind of act to overcome the antipodes according to the principle of the divine union of Shakti Puja.


These special, monotonous repetitively spoken or sung verses are intended to release spiritual powers or to appeal to certain deities meditatively. In addition, there are monosyllabic core mantras that influence the respective chakra. Mantras affect psyche and body alike, they can calm the mind and guide it into new, more positive paths.


A state of inner peace, silence and selflessness. Mauna has its own silent voice, announcing peace and quiet.


As meridians meridians pass through the entire body. Along the twelve main meridians just below the skin of both halves of the body lie the acupuncture points, through which the Qi can be strengthened. The organs and all areas of the body are connected by meridians, they protect the body from harmful external influences and have the function to excrete toxic elements from the body. Each meridian is named after a yin or yang aspect, they indicate the energetic flow directions. Yin meridians guide the energy from the toes to the trunk of the body and from there to the fingers, while Yang meridians run from the fingers to the face and face to the tens. Together, the meridians create a cycle that is completely perfused daily and reaches a maximum energy value for two hours.