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The "spread of knowledge" or simply "context" are considered translations of the word tantra. Originally, this metaphysical school of cognizance as a spiritual and mystical path was reserved for elites only. Tantra consists of a certain sequence of physical, mental and spiritual rites. The core content of this is an awareness of the holistic principle by means of sexual symbolism, which represents the polarity between male and female principles, from whose interaction the universe once was formed.


Lao Tzu named the highest of all transcendent truths as Tao. In ancient Chinese culture, it means the way of nature and of man according to the laws of the universe. Thus, Tao can also be understood as the sum of all consciousness eternally changing. Actions that follow only the right path are called Wuwei, enabling the basic forces Yin and Yang to generate a cosmic interplay, from which literally everything emerges.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage looks back on a 2500 year old history and was first used by wandering Buddhist monks. As late as the 1300's it reached the regions of today's Thailand. This combination of acupressure and a meditative massage of the reflex zones also uses powerful stretching techniques.

Third eye

The forehead chakra is located between the eyes on the front of the brain. As an activated energy center, it strengthens our ability to gain insight and a healthy intuition. When meditating, the third eye sharpens our abilities of perception, it promotes self-esteem, increases mindfulness and serves the enhancement of consciousness and awareness.