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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: Y

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Yindo Tantra Massage School

In this training center, participants learn the basics of a professional massage training built on many years of massage and seminar practice as part of an intensive self-awareness process. The connection between contemporary applications and traditional tantric background knowledge is one of the core contents. The Yindo Tantra Massage School offers a certified Tantra massage training of high quality.

Yin-Yang principle

Yin belongs to the Tao principle, and can be translated as shadow of the mountain or shady bank of the river. Yang refers to the sunny sides of the two. According to Chinese philosophy, yin - as the feminine, soft element - and - yang as the male, hard element - stand for opposing forces, although equally related to, and reflecting one another. Therefore, Yin and Yang are not to be understood as a pair of opposites. Their energies complement each other to a balanced relationship, as long as their energies are in the same flow. For today's western society, an excess of yang is symptomatic. This sometimes leads to collective sleep problems, disturbances, hyperactivity and other disruptions to our lives. A balanced yin and yang relationship, on the other hand, promotes good health and wellbeing.


The ancient yoga philosophy has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. The physical body of the individual person embodies a traveler in a coach, the driver is his mind. Five horses represent the five senses. The passengers' soul connected to the horses' harness build the meaning of "yoga". Over the millennia - especially during the 20th century, yoga has undergone many changes. As before, the complex, multi-faceted system of breathing and meditation techniques in different postures is a physical and mental exercise. It has been proven that yoga has a positive effect on cardiac health, blood circulation and emotional moods. It also promotes inner serenity and conditions our ability for deep relaxation.