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Gold Massage Ritual

Experience something special with this ritual, something exclusive.

We start with a bath which helps you to focus on yourself, relax and open up.

You will receive an extensive washing ritual which puts you into the mood for your massage and enables you to forget every day life.

During this massage we pamper you with massage oil containing 24 carat gold. This pure gold is also known as "fine gold".

It is massaged into the skin with the oil and forms a precious golden veil around your body, which makes your skin shimmer gently.

Gold harmonises energy imbalances. Subconscious or suppressed issues, which cause energy blockages, can reach the conscious mind and be dealt with.

On the whole, this metal increases human energy levels and noticeably improves well-being.

The basis of the ritual is a Tantra Massage, which includes an intensive and strengthening Yoni- or Lingam Massage , combined with a Prostate or Pelvic Floor Massage if desired.

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