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Lingam Massage

Lingam, a Sanskrit word, stands for the principle of male divinity and in Neo Tantra represents the male genital area.

The origin of the Lingam massage lies in Chinese Taoism and in addition contains some elements from Indian Tantra. The massage as we give it was recreated and popularised by Dr. Joseph Kramer at the beginning of the 90s.

With the Lingam Massage we carefully arouse your sexual energies and distribute them throughout your body using gentle strokes. We will help you to hold on to a high level of energy for a long time.

Ejaculation is not the main aim of this massage but experiencing new aspects of physical contact and giving oneself without having to act, without pressure to perform or expectations.

Let yourself go and get in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions here with us. Experience what it is like to relax whilst in a state of arousal. We accompany you.

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