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Pelvic Floor Massage

Hardly any other area of our body is as often taboo as the pelvic floor and the anus.
The pelvic floor is home to indispensable muscle groups for the movement process and for the functionality of the internal organs.
It is the physical, sexual and spiritual center from which our life force and energy can unfold.

If it is tense, cramped, hardened, for example due to stress, then the feeling is restricted and functional disorders can occur.

The anus, which in the mental sense is often associated with injury and aggression and which stands for abandonment and release, is a sensitive and erogenous zone. Our attention and appreciation applies. Because it has unimaginable capacities for feeling and pleasure in itself. And their sensitivity to develop it worthwhile.

That is why this massage is a sensual and tension-reducing experience on many levels.
It relaxes the affected muscle groups, opens and strengthens us. The tissue relaxes and is better supplied with blood. This deepens your experience and feeling and creates a good basis for more pleasure and vital energy.

Expiration of the massage

We begin the anal massage with a buttock massage, which stimulates the sexual chakra, which lies on the sacrum. We then go from an outer pelvic floor massage to the massage of the rosette and finally penetrate slowly and gently into your anus.
On this journey into the depths of your body, we support you through intensive work of breathing.
We perform the massage with a glove. For this we use lubrication gel.

Preparation of anal massage

We would like to ask you to empty your bowels before your visit.For this we recommend the safe and pleasant use of an anal shower with lukewarm water. And for the external application, the supporting effect of a pH-neutral soap.Our relaxing pelvic floor and anal massage can be both healing and pleasurable. And will give you space for more sensuality, new experiences and transformations.


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