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Prostate Massage

The Massage of the "Sacred Spot" is a way of producing anal pleasure and often provides men with an increased feeling of wellbeing.

The prostate is considered as the male G-spot and contains one of the biggest concentrations of nerves in the body.

The Prostate Massage focuses on the man's Yin, the female cosmic energy, which is carried by both women and men. Regular stimulation and training enables a release which increases your life energy enormously. You may also experience multiple orgasms.

From a medical point of view regular prostate massage provides protection against enlargement and degeneration and prevents impotence.

We start the Prostate Massage with a massage of the buttocks and a gentle massage of the sphincter through which we then carefully open your anus.

The massage is given with a fingerstall and we ask you to empty your bowels beforehand.

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