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Yoni Massage

The Kashima Yoni Massage brings together three aspects  – pleasure, energy flow and healing.

However, regardless of which aspect you focus on in your massage – pleasure can also be healing and healing can be full of pleasure.

Yoni, a sanskrit word, stands for the principle of female divinity and in Neo Tantra represents the female genital area. The tradition of Yoni massage has existed for thousands of years and springs from eastern tantric culture. The massage that we give follows Annie Sprinkle's method. She recreated and popularised the Yoni Tantra Massage within the context of Neo Tantra at the beginning of the 90s.

We use this massage to help you get in touch with yourself and be open to your feelings and emotions. This is the best way to achieve a state of complete relaxation, in which sexual pleasure and healing from trauma can exist in harmony.

During the preliminary talk we will discuss the focus of your massage with you and possibly set some boundaries which can however be redefined during the massage.
A thorough massage of the breasts and the outer genital area, which includes clitoral stimulation, opens up the path to your vagina. It becomes soft and receptive and is now open for the G-spot massage.

We look forward to accompanying you on this pleasurable journey through your body to the centre of your feelings and emotions.

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