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Are there any requirements I need to fulfil to take part in a tantra massage seminar?

Our tantra massage seminars are open to anyone over 18. Previous knowledge of the content is not necessary. However, you should be moderately emotionally and physically resilient.
Our seminars are not intended as a substitute for any necessary psychological treatment.

Will there be an equal number of women and men?

Yes. We make sure the numbers are even.

May I chose my partner and will there be a change of partners?

It is possible to chose a partner that you like. If somebody chooses you and you don’t feel that they are a suitable partner you are free to decline.

As a participant will I be naked during the seminar?

In every seminar we get to a point where we will encounter each other and work together naked.
This is an essential component of our method. You may experience some fears because of this beforehand but speaking from experience, these usually soon dissolve within the group. Facing this fear is likely to be just the thing you need.

Does sexual intercourse take place during the seminars?

In our seminars we do work with the rise of pleasure and the channelling of sexual energy but there will be no sexual intercourse.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and bring a lungi (loincloth), a sheet and a big towel.
You will receive more detailed information upon registration.
We provide drinks, fruit and other nibbles.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions we will be happy to answer them by email or telephone.