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Ulrike Liehm

Having been trained in various forms of body, energy and meditation work, alternative medical practices and various eastern and western massage techniques, I am enthusiastic about the exploration of Tantra. It is my passion to spread Tantra Massage and thereby help people to realize their potential.

I try to touch people and get close to their innermost being, and I help the recognition of entanglements that hinder the development of consciousness.
This way it is possible to delve into spiritual dimensions through physical experience as one can only experience Tantra in a state of openness and receptiveness.

It is of great concern to me to help women find their original, self-determined power, to realize their sexual potential, to feel it and to live it.

In my seminars I want to create a space in which to experience this power.

Thereby, an expansion of body and consciousness beyond normal limits is possible.  

The recognition and experience of the self are being connected.