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Annual training for women

Our annual training offers inspiration and support for responsible womanhood and a life in fulfilled sexuality. For this we have created a twelve-month seminar in a protected and stable space, which lovingly promotes your growth and development. We aim to make you curious about yourself and to get closer to you by gaining deeper access to your feelings and your energy. Our circle will nourish and strengthen you. The connection with our essence heals old injuries and empowers us. This will give us more vitality and greater self-confidence. Above all, it's about the process of personal growth.

To experience, to recognize and to accept. We come together in this sisterly circle to show and strengthen each other in recognizing our joy, our pain, our passion and our vulnerability, gaining a more defined understanding of ourselves and share this with other women.

We will direct our attention to our centers in order to feel more conscious and aim to connect to the heart, mind and womb and try to bring them into harmony. We hereby explore our inner truth, which often lies beyond our fears and limitations, and will aspire not to focus on defects, personal problems or dramas. In these experiential spaces we can dissolve unconscious conditioning and old patterns and return to a relationship of mindful encounter and mutual empowerment. We will explore our sources and their obstacles in unfolding our capacity for devotion and discover new ways into our passions. In this way, we regain access to ourselves and our feminine intuition and can consciously indulge in the flow of life with ease, appreciation and love, and realize our potentials. Our annual training focuses on learning the Tantric massage. This can be certified on request.


Here are some topics and aspects of the seven seminars:

  • feelings and emotions during massage
  • introduction to the female anatomy
  • breathing, sensing and physical exercises
  • exploring the relationship with yourself
  • sensual and communication boundaries
  • self discovery of body and mind
  • self massage of abdomen, chest, yoni
  • connecting the heart, uterus and yoni
  • exploring our potential for orgasm
  • strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor
  • initiation into the jade-egg practice
  • examining the four archetypes of our female cycle
  • learning mudras
  • practice of conscious communication and touch
  • Yoga exercises
  • dance
  • meditations
  • tea and cocoa ceremonies


We are looking forward to seeing you!


From January to December 2019

The certified Training course takes place in the course of seven weekends, each consisting of three days.


  • 18th, 19th, 20th January
  • 01st, 02nd, 03rd March
  • 03rd, 04th, 05th May
  • 14th, 15th, 16th June
  • 02nd, 03rd, 04th August
  • 04th, 05th, 06th October
  • 29th, 30th, 01st November / December


Time periods: from 10am to 7pm respectively

Place: Berlin

Accommodation: on request

Seminar leader: Ulrike Liehm

Number of participants: eight to twelve women

Seminar fee: 1.760 Euro

Early bird - terminates November 15th 2018: 1.550 Euro

Booking: Book this Tantra Massage Seminar »

Course materials included. Instalment payments possible.


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