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About us

A warm welcome to you. We are glad you are here. Our intention is to help you become aware of your own strengths, enabling you to experience your life to the full. With our massagescoaching and seminars we provide a delightful and safe space in
which to experience sensuality and spirituality.

We want to inspire you to explore yourself more deeply because you are worth it.
Our masseuses and masseurs are fully trained in body and energy work. They use bioenergetic and yogic methods and a wealth of tantric techniques, each with their own refreshingly different approach. We offer you an excellent atmosphere and a high level of knowledge and tactile skill.

Furthermore, with our massages we do not only aim to reach your body but also your soul. We wish to accompany you sensitively on your journey into your primal energy.

Let yourself go and experience your body here with us. You will be met with love and care, attention and respect, clarity and competence.

A heartfelt welcome, Namasté!

The Kashima Team