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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: C

The knowledge and understanding of Tantra massage is important to us.
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Through energy channels these energy centers are connected to our body, mind and soul. There are thousands of body-specific chakras, including the seven main chakras which are of particular importance: along the vertical center line of our body, they form the entire energetic spectrum of our areas of life.

  • At the height of the coccyx, between anus and genital, the root chakra is located. It affects our basic trust and our sense of secureness on an emotional as well as material level.

  • In the lower abdomen is our sacral chakra. It stands for our sexuality and creativeness.

  • In the upper abdomen resides the solar plexus chakra. It influences our determination, courage and supports a positive gut feeling.

  • In the very center of the chest lies the heart chakra. It enhances our compassion, devotion and healing abilities.

  • The larynx chakra is located around neck and throat. It impacts our openness, expressiveness and creativity.

  • The frontal chakra is the Third eye. Its' position is the middle of the forehead and it provides awareness, trust and insight.

  • At the apex on top of the head is the crown chakra. It connects us with our own spirituality.

When our chakras are blocked, they affect our emotions, our psyche, and our organs. If, on the other hand, all seven main chakras are open, life energy can flow smoothly.

Central nervous system

Located in our skull and vertebrae, the central nervous system includes virtually all nerves in brain and spinal cord. Thinking, feeling and perception are here connected, and create the prerequisites for our logical thinking, preceptory and motor skills. Even slight disturbances within this highly sensitive control center can lead to significant damage such as memory loss, epilepsy or delusions.