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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: K

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The word is primarily a term for sensual lust. It may also describe a desire for worldly pleasures.


Translated from Sanskrit Kamala means lotus and stands for spiritual unfolding or the blossoming charisma. Kamala is also the goddess of prosperity and happiness and can be interpreted as the deity responsible for granting wishes.


A spiritual equation according to which every action brings with it a consequence in the present or the next life. Accordingly Karma constitutes the sum total of our actions from the present and all previous lives.


The kundalini energy is created in the root chakra. Activated by spiritual practice, she can ascend to the crown chakra and deliver enlightenment. Kundalini is symbolically referred to as 'serpent power', which rolls up along the spine. Different techniques can help to awaken the kundalini energy. The force that can emanate from it is tremendous and can cause damage to an unprepared body. By itself, this force can only be activated by a person at a corresponding level of consciousness. In order to achieve this Chakras and the central energy channel are freed from blockages and the holistic system of body, mind and soul is opened up for cosmic consciousness.