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The big encyclopaedia of Tantra massage: S

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The first collections of texts written in the oldest Indian language date from 1500 to 1200 BC. In India, Sanskrit is still regarded today as the sacred language or the language of the gods.


Salvation of the soul, created by the timeless union of two spiritual elements: joy and creativity in divine forms.


Spiritually, this is the cosmic energy and thus the energy of the divine mother - the primordial power of the universe with its' three basic forces: creation, preservation and destruction.

Shakti puja

The sacred union of the god Shiva with the primal force Shakti.


The Japanese term translates to "fingerprint". In terms of content, Shiatsu goes back to the teachings of Taoism (Link). The balance of the pair of opposites, Yin and Yang, stands for a holistic and therefore healthy body. Shiatsu stimulates the self-regulating energy system through special touches such as acupressure.


In origin, Shiva and Shakti were One. From them arose the universe with all seven levels of the cosmos, which correspond to the seven chakras. After this creation, Shiva - the Blissful - is considered one of the chief gods of Hinduism. He also embodies the principle of destruction.


According to the philosophies of Tantra, sensuality means an increased ability to perceive and to experience mental aesthetics as well as sexual intelligence. Sensuality paves the way for spiritual growth.


The Hindi abbreviation of the Sanskrit word Sitarama is a spiritual name that describes the union between the female and the male principles. Sita and Rama are therefore considered the ideal lovers. Furthermore, it signifies the unity between the individual and the cosmic soul. Here, Rama stands for the divine and Sita for the independent part. Literally Rama means 'the happy one'.

Somatic nervous system

Consisting of nerve cells that are in connection with our muscles, sensory organs and the skin, the somatic nervous system receives sensory stimuli and information that it sends to the central nervous system for processing. Conversely, it also receives signals. These recorded sensory information are used for targeted movements of the body parts.