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Tantra Massage

With our Kashima Tantra Massage we create a space for you to fill with deep emotional experiences in order to expand your sensuality and to make you fully aware of your body. We help you to release tensions and blockages, allowing your
energy to flow freely again through your body.

Following the principle of Yin & Yang we use, amongst other things, elements from old Indian traditions, Classical Massage, reflexology, acupressure, Hawaiian Massage, shiatsu, Ayurveda and bioenergetics.

Yin and Yang are two opposing forces or energies that also complement each other. The entire universe is based upon their interaction. Yin represents the female cosmic power that is symbolised by woman, water and earth. Yang embodies the malecosmic power, symbolised by man, fire and sky.

One of the main ideas of the Tantra Massage is to awaken and increase your own sexual energy and to integrate it into your life.

The composition of the massage is different every time and does not follow a set pattern.

Creatively and imaginatively, sensually, playfully and with trained intuition we will put you into a deep relaxed state with the aid of sounds, scents, feathers and scarves. First you have a talk with the masseuse or masseur during which the intention, duration and boundaries of the massage will be discussed. You cannot dictate the course of the massage but you may decide to exclude certain elements. There will be no oral sex or sexual intercourse. You receive the massage on a futon on the floor.

The Tantra Massage is a holistic massage. We overcome all fixations, including genital fixations, and therefore do not see the genital area as a taboo.
Orgasms and ejaculations which may happen during the massage are not the main aim of the treatment.

We will touch and energise you with dedication. You should receive and enjoy this high level of ritual tactile skill as veneration of your body and personality.

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